Long - lasting enjoyment


Good taste needs time to mature. If anyone knows about that, it’s us. For generations, we have devoted ourselves to a passion that finds fertile soil here
in Friuli. You can taste the fact that our wines have tradition and that we take the time to develop them. Making the change to production in line with organic
guidelines is therefore not a luxury for us, but a matter of course: because we want only the best. This ecological awareness is a requirement for the excellent
quality of our grapes and means more aroma, more enjoyment and an extra helping of good taste.


Our wines are a homage to the vine and poetry for the palate


We want the bond with nature and the sensuality of our product experience to be made clear in our new labels, too. Hand-drawn and coloured, they represent
the character and individual flavour experience of the wine in question. Our wines, produced with great devotion, are something special, and therefore deserve
to be treated as such in their presentation. The enjoyment of our wines now begins as soon as you set eyes on the bottle and see the fruits and flowers on the label, which hint at the their aromas and point to the production in harmony with nature. We take our time to ensure that the enjoyment of our wines is not just momentary, but begins before the bottle is opened and lives on in yourmemory after it has been emptied. Because that is our concept of long-lasting enjoyment.

Azienda Vinicola Visinintini, vini rossi, bianchi e spumanti a Corno di Rosazzo Udine